Starzl Network Host Boulet Family for Pediatric Transplant Week

Every year, the last week of April marks Pediatric Transplant week. This gives us time to reflect on the importance of the organ transplant donors and recipients whose lives have been changed by the wonderful gift of organ donation. To mark this occasion, the Starzl Network for Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation in partnership with Citrone 33 hosted a special event featuring Toby, Bernadine, and Mariko Boulet. Logan Boulet was involved in the Humboldt hockey team bus crash on April 6, 2018.

On April 7, 2018, Humboldt Broncos defenseman Logan Boulet succumbed to his injuries. His parents, Bernadine and Toby Boulet offered to donate his organs so that six lives could live on. They did so because Logan told his parents he was registering as an organ donor and that he was inspired by his coach and mentor Ric Suggitt (Green Shirt Day, 2020).

Logan’s story of organ donation went viral and in weeks following his donation more than 150,000 Canadians registered to become organ donors. This movement has become known as the #LoganBouletEffect and it is still the largest number of Canadians registering at one time due to a single person.

Logan’s story, like many other donors, started with a discussion with his family about organ donation. We encourage everyone to become a registered organ donor. For more information and to register, please visit,

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