Starzl Network Data Mart

The Starzl Network of Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation transplant center members have exclusive access to data collection and data visualizations in the Starzl Network data mart.

A network of pediatric transplant institutions committed to continuous improvement until every child can achieve a long and healthy life.

Starzl Network Data Mart

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Guiding Principles


A desire among members to forgo individual gains in lieu of collective efforts.


A shared sense of determination to quickly and dramatically improve patient care and outcomes.


A willingness among members to freely and openly share data within and beyond the Network.


Continually striving to minimize financial, social, environmental, and racial inequities in access to and outcomes after liver transplantation.


A determination to identify and use leading approaches and technologies to advance our goals.


A commitment to engage leaders across multiple fields and combine their expertise.


A drive to build off existing systems (e.g., SPLIT) or provide expertise to regulatory bodies (e.g., UNOS) who are advocating for improvement in outcomes for children.