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Henry L. Hillman Foundation Grant to Support Innovative DARE Initiative
The Henry L. Hillman Foundation is contributing $750,000 in support of the Starzl Network for Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation,, at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This grant will support DARE, an initiative aiming to enhance the Starzl Network’s ability to transparently share data and streamline best practices in pediatric transplantation. DARE (which stands for Datamart, Adaptive tRial and patient Engagement) will catalyze three critical areas in the Starzl Network’s transplant learning collaborative: 1) new models in transparent transplant data benchmarking; 2) development of an innovative adaptive trial design platform; and 3) synergies that increase patient-reported outcomes to frame comparative…
Starzl Network Launches Innovative Data Mart
In collaboration with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the Starzl Network for Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative data mart that will allow for a pediatric transplant dashboard and data portal that will include center-specific transplant data elements from participating Starzl Network sites and key aggregate national data on waitlist and transplant outcomes and network priority areas of immunosuppression, perioperative practices, quality of life, and transition of care.
Starzl Network Awarded PCORI Funding
The Starzl Network for Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation in collaboration with UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Starzl Network Patient & Family Voice, and Transplant Families recently received a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington Engagement Award. The two-year award will support our project, PAtient-centered Research in pediatric TransplaNt-Engaging families+Recipients (PARTNER).


2022 Starzl Network Annual Meeting
September 23-24, 2022
Webinar: Supporting Pediatric Transplant Patients Through Adulthood
June 29, 2021
2021 Starzl Network Annual Meeting
October 1-2, 2021