A Comprehensive Guide for Educational Resources

How to Use This Resource Packet

This packet of information was developed to assist both parents/guardians and school staff to provide continuity of care in the educational environment for students who have received organ transplants.  These forms should be used as a template to guide the team and must be adjusted to reflect individual needs related to transplant care.

Table of Contents

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • An Overview of School Forms for Transplant Families
  • Letter to School Template
  • Doctor Verification Letter Template
  • Individual Health Plan Fillable Form
  • Health Condition Fillable Form
  • Section 504 Education Plan Document Templates
  • Emergency Care Plan Template
  • Beginning of the School Year Checklist
  • New School Year Parent Questionnaire
  • Reinforcement Fillable Form
  • Resources to Learn More
  • Glossary/Terms